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This is my first time trying a subscription system. I'm quite afraid and don't know how to start, but I'll be so glad if you guys lead me the way

One of the May rewards process.

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About me

Liremi art patreon

I would like to introduce myself a little:

I'm Liremi and I have been drawing for more than 9 years, I started with traditional drawing but little by little I realized that digital art was my thing, specifically the Cute/Sexy/NSFW anime style.

Since then I have not stopped dreaming about dedicating myself completely to this. So months ago I decided to start creating my own website. I decided on this instead of selling my content on the typical pages like Etsy or Gumroad because I feel that none of them is specially cared for artists.

So after months of hard work, on 05/25/2020 my own website was published.

After these months working on the web, creating new content and researching new products, I decided that I should take the step and create an account on Patreon.

However, after some time researching I ended up making the decision to create my own "patreon" here, on my website. You can read more about this in my last post.

And here it is! Thanks to some donations I have been able to fully develop a subscription system that has everything I need and that also provides with many more features than patreon for the future, for me and for you.

I hope you give me your support if you like my work! Many people has inquired me countless times to create a subscription system. Now is the time to give them all your love.

Why do I draw?

I draw because I was always glad to make others happy with my art but due to spending a lot of time focused on commissions. I have always been subjected to a certain level of demand since I had been paid for a specific result.

In this patreon, I want to remind myself that I have to give me the opportunity to have fun and experiment and improve freely.

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What you will get by supporting me?

By supporting me you will have a lot of exclusive content! You will get high resolution, uncensored NSFW art, sketches, wips, speedpaints, PSD, merch, etc.

You could be more close (to my kokkoro 😳) and see my art from inside! I also do monthly fan art polls, so you will have the opportunity to see your waifu in my style. I'm also planning more rewards as sketch raffle, commission priority and more in the future If we grow the family !

Join my Discord

You can join my discord for free to see some previews of the rewards and interact with me and the rest of the people who are there. Do not hesitate and join! I would love to have you there! Click the button below to join!

How do I get my rewards?

Rewards will be available between 2-5th of every month in My account/Downloads and I will notify on discord when the rewards are available.

You will always get the reward pack for the month you subscribe. If you subscribe on July, you will get the July reward pack between August 2-5th.

Since all tiers have access to my Discord server. I have decided that the way you can have early access to my artworks will be through Discord.

I have decided to do it in discord since being an app I can send more reliable and faster notifications than sending an email so you won't miss anything. Also as is obvious, we could create a nice community there!

How I get charged?

All the charges will be upfront.

Example: If you join on November 21th, you will get charged that day for the month of November, and you will be charged again the 1st day for the next month (December 1), and so on. Note that if you join the last day of the month, you will have the pack ready to download the next month ^^

Tier Bento and other products have to be purchased separately. If you subscribe to my tier bento and you had any of my other products in the cart (prints, merch, etc) they will be removed from the cart.

All the tiers has VAT and the Bento tier has Shipping, so if you have tier Bento subscription you will be charged with the shipping cost each month. (All my shipment are certificated)

How can I enter to the discord server?

At the moment you join to one of my tiers for the first time you will receive an email with an invitation link to my private discord (check your spam folder)

Once there you have to follow a few simple steps to verify your tier to obtain the proper permits.

Discord preview

Edit or cancel my subscription

If you want to change (Upgrade/Downgrade) your subscription, you should cancel your current tier and pledge for the new tier and subscribe again.

If what you want is to cancel your subscription, you just have to go to My account / My subscriptions and click in cancel

Subscription section detailed

In this screen you can change your payments between Manual renewal or Auto renew, and also if you have tier Bento which included shipping you can check your shipment status by clicking in the View or Track button (Track is only to see the shipment status and View has more info about your "order").


This is my first time trying a Subscription system. I'm afraid but I'm so excited. I'll be so happy If you help me to make my dreams come true !

One of the May reward process.


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